"A Crystal Tear"

In our life there is that, which remains unclear.

We oft find it hard to seperate the truth, of lies, of hate, of love, and even fear.

There are those bent on the thought only, the time of the Lord is near.

They forget to give praise, that He is already here.

He is coming again, and yes in a different way, but we must not forget to thank Him for the joy we have today.

It has been on the mountain I've seen the most, yet most far away, but it is my valley time with a closer look, I'm most likely to stop and pray.

It is hard to know God's beauty in pain and joy, He shares with us each day, if we are always on or seeking mountain tops, where oft we see things clearly yet far away.

So I thank God today for the valleys, I can now decend without fear, and now know I've seen life most clear, which is seen most vivid when viewed, through a crystal tear.

Written By Bob Wood

John 3:17 .. For God sent not the Son into the world to judge the world; but that the world should be saved through him.

I have been allowed to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in many places and many different states. We've sent emails and signed petitions against what the devil was doing in many of these states. I have seen others march in protest against the devil and all the evils that were going on and then I started realizing, no real progress was being made. Sure it told all how we felt and many felt that they had done their Christian duty but had they really. Sure we are to be against evil and yes we should do all that we can in the way of petitions and more but we should search to find out if we are more interested in fighting the devil or serving God? Christains do the best marching on our knees. I am against all sin but can I stop it? The obvious answer is, " I cannot." Many have told that you cannot pray in school. Some believed it so much that they began trying to get it legalized to pray. Lately others are concerned with placing the 10 commandments in public places. They have been told that they cannot, so they began protesting and of course trying to get the public display of the 10 commandments legalized. They have listened to the devil and believed him. They have lost sight of the blessing of serving Christ but have rather begun fighting the devil. The devil loves this. He likes the fact that many are fighting him rather than winning souls in the name of Christ. I now know that the best way to have prayer in schools is to lead the students and all concerned to salvation in Jesus Christ. We will then have those that can pray in school. This is also the best way to get the 10 commandments in public. Rather than hang them on a wall or written in stone; have them placed in your heart by the Holy Spirit. You then have the opportunity to become God's billboard. Many feel you fight fire with fire, yet there are still some that believe cool refreshing water still puts out the fire. Some have said and eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth but Christ more stresses love for love, forgiveness for forgiveness and mercy for mercy. We as Christians should always stand together for the right that God has granted us. I have found that the best way is to get in the devil's billfold. Folks have marched and protested so much that almost no one pays attention anymore but stop giving them your money and they pay attention. Do not vote for those that allow these wrongs and the point will be made. Send emails, make phone calls and write letters. The next that I ask you to do is vote and then vote for that which is Christian and not for a party. The party is over. The devil is still screaming and telling what all we cannot do but Christ has already told us we can do all things in His name. The devil is a liar and is constantly working to pull your eyes and ears from Christ. Jesus Christ is Truth, Life, Light and Freedom. With Jesus Christ you are free indeed. You are God's Child. Become a soul winner today. Keep on the sunny side. Keep shining and be as good as you can be and when you have a chance; you pray for me. May God really bless You!

Bro Bob Wood

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