"A River In Me"

Where is that full, full feeling not lonely?

I need a word that comes from You only.

I need my cup to run over and I need healing.

I feel so low and more than my body is kneeling.

Set me free of what my heart is concealing I plea.

Let Your Holy Spirit over flow and run over me.

I need Your peace flowing as a river revealing,

 life more than a feeling, washed so clean I  see.

I now have that full, full feeling and love not lonely,

and abundant in love You created me to be.

Where once was a feeling this heart so hollow,

now over runs as a river in me.

Written by Bob Wood

Psalms 23:5. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup Runneth over.

I have learned that sometimes emotions do not do as we expect.  Sometimes we shed tears of joy, or compassion, of anger or a broken heart but all are tears.  I have learned that what I sometimes call good, God does not see it that way.  I have learned that the reason I lack a friend is because I haven't talked to him.  I have learned there is no closer friend than Jesus Christ.  He said He would never leave nor forsake me.  Our earthly friends will often let us down.  Some will even hang around as in never leave you, but sometimes they will forsake you.  They can call you friend and at the same thought not be your friend at all.  I have learned that there will always be someone that does not like you, especially if you are a believer in Jesus Christ as your savior.  I have learned that though this earth will never have peace, I can be at peace with God.  I have learned I often have to be reminded of God's love.  I know now that we were created to be a blessing to all but first we must receive the blessing of God's love  The only way to love and God is love is to accept His payment for our sin.  His payment is His only Son Jesus Christ.  He gave His Son that I might feel love.  I have learned that no one is perfect and that all mankind sins.  There is not one sin greater than the other. I have learned though that God's perfect love is for all imperfect people as am I.  The only way to go boldly to the throne of Grace, to God is to accept His gift, His Son, Jesus Christ.  This may not seem fair but I am glad God is not fair.  If He were fair we each one would go to eternal punishment.  I have learned that God is Good, in bad times and in good times, in dark days and bright nights.  The gift given by God must be accepted.  Do you know you are lost and need a Savior?  The only way that you can receive Christ as your Savior is to know you are lost and need Him.  God sends the Holy Spirit and He convinces you that you are lost.  If that is the situation, pray in your own words; Heavenly Father I acknowledge that I am lost and that I need my Savior.  I know that Jesus Christ is your Son without sin, and that you gave Him freely that my sins can be paid in full.  I now ask that Jesus Christ come into my life, to forgive me, to love me and to save me forever and ever.  Heavenly Father allow your love to flow through me, thank You Father for saving me.  I love you; I need you, I thank You; I praise you; in Jesus Christ name I pray...AMEN!

If you have just asked Christ to be your Savior, let others know.  Find a bible teaching, Christ loving and a God honoring church, where you can grow in grace and knowledge.  We would like to know, just to share your joy.

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