"A Special Friend"

A special friend to me God has given, and here's my prayer for you.

God give us all a special friend, to love us everyday, so that we may feel very special, every minute in everyway.

A special friend knows no gender, nor age an issue, and they feel you are very special too.

A special friend can be your wife, or your husband oh so true, so eager to share your life, in all that you may say and do.

A special friend can be anyone that God may send, and I've found in you, a very special friend.

Your smile is delightful, and your eyes do shine, and with ears of understanding, you're my special friend so kind.

You are a special friend from your nose to your feet, and to be your special friend, makes life a real treat.

A special friend is always there for you, and will love and support, no matter what, you may do.

A special friend will listen and pray for you, especially in times, when you are sad and blue.

A special friend is always shining, and for sure they will succeed, because to say life is hopeless, there really is just no need.

To my special friend, here's a hug and a smile for you, and a very special thank you, for simply being you.

As my special friend, I make one request of you.

You just keep shining, and be as good as you can be, and when you have a chance, you pray for me.

Written by Bob Wood

Take a minute right now, and thank God for the very special friend, God has given you.

What a Friend we have in Jesus!

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Copyright 1998 Bob Wood 

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