"The Cave"

I venture in this darkest hall, there is no light a weathered wall, that never sunlight saw.

This place unknown I ventured on as full of awe, of pitted sculptures on the wall and on the ceiling tall.

These forms I saw as giant nests, which through all time, have stood each test.

On still ahead in darkness deep, another bend I travel in.

A tiny bat flys over head and down I duck low, but still I onward go.

If these walls could talk, what would they say?

Would they speak how God molds all with time, as more we grow each day?

Would they say He speaks to all today, so listen soft and listen long, and you will hear Him when you pray?

Would they whisper as deeper in I stray, That God still works in the darkest of our days?

Would they speak that in this place, that we need light to find our way?

I spoke but my voice had no direction, and I looked but my eyes found no reflection.

Now ahead I see a light, a ray of hope for me so true, and as on I walked I saw the sky, so very bright and blue.

I am so thankful to see the light and breathe life deep, and with the dark behind, I will not weep.

Written by Bob Wood

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Copyright©2000 Bob Wood

All Rights Reserved by and Bob Wood