"Destiny Inside"

In a world so troubled we often hide, the real feelings we have inside.

As many times for peace we have tried, but by the world to be denied.

Some try money or a family strong, but soon they find their search all wrong.

It's love we need and not made by man, but this for most is too hard to understand.

Our destiny is not in money or a far away land, but can be found in the heart of man.

Inside you can be cold and gray, or a heart that has been changed to a brand new day.

So face life more with smiles, though bad in life is sure to come along, you will now find joy in all the miles.

Though today is hard and you may feel you can't carry on, it's the smile you've hidden in your heart, that will keep you strong.

Today is a blessing and given by God, and is a sample of heaven above.

It's in our heart, destiny deep inside, is yours dark or is there love?

Written by Bob Wood

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