"Dew Drop"

There are families warm and families kind and just to picture does lend peace of mind.

Some families have parents too many, while others have parents too few and some miss love as death has left them empty and blue.

Some have family both mom and dad but have no love for their child, which is more than sad.

Today someone will grieve because a mom or dad that loved them and they so did love, died and they did leave.

On the next page there is the one quite hurt and full of rage, because their parents died long ago, yet still alive and a child learned without love to live, or rather to survive.

Some are lonely because they have none to care, but those most lonely are those that have family, with no love to share.

If you have or have had a parent that loves you and allows you to both feel and know this love, then stop for this moment to praise God for His gift and know they were sent from God above.

Written by Bob Wood

Hosea 6: 4 .. O Ephraim, what shall I do unto thee?. O Judah, what shall I do unto thee?. for your goodness is as a morning cloud, and as the early dew it goeth away.

A Dew drop is made by God for each of us, to enjoy the precious moments we have to look upon it, and enjoy its friendship and count it as a gift from God.. For soon you will look again, and it will be gone.. Other dew drops will follow, but none will be like the one God has given you.. All made by God are equally important, from the smallest drop of dew, to the the worlds largest ocean.. Every friend, every dew drop, every glitter of light, God gives us daily, to make this life The Abundant Life.. It takes more to be a parent than to give birth.. Some people have a child and others grow a family.. If you have or have had a parent that did not love you, or you even feel they did not love you; then learn from this experience and become the best parent the world has ever known.. Share the love you have always needed.. You will find this love in your children with interest gained.. May God Really Bless You!!. Keep Shining and Be as Good As You Can Be, and When You Have A Chance, You Pray For Me!

Bob Wood

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