"The Difference In A Day"

Yesterday was life gone wrong and it seems today I've lost my song.

Today the world seems only cold blue and nowhere does the sun shine through.

The snow covers all in pure white but only hides trouble from the light.

My soul is down but I have hope, with strength inside that I may cope.

Tomorrow will come a brand new day, that I might leave this feeling gray.

I'll live this life one day each and find joy inside in distant reach.

I'll live this life all along the way and see the difference which makes a day.

Written by Bob Wood

Ecclesiastes 9: 4...For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion....Psalm 71: 14...But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.

Many look at today as their complete life.. Some make irrational decisions based only on today..A spouse will be unfaithful.. One will committ suicide or kill another.. The devil is deceived to believe he rules hell and believes he can rule your life as well.. The devil blinds many, even Christians by the failures of this world we touch each day.. The truth is you will fail and others will fail you and it will probably happen often.. You may be on top of the world and feel no concern for those that seem weak enough to become discouraged.. Today is only today and both the discouraged and the noncaring are blinded by today.. Pray today to have hell's blinders removed.. If you can with God's help get only a glimpse of that around the corner; you will see a little of the difference a day can make.. God is hope and therefore the giver of all hope.. If you are thinking of suicide, I assure you it is not of God but is the devil trying to talk you out of one of God's greatest gifts given to mankind.. Tomorrow may be worse or it may be better, but God will not allow you to face it alone.. One day can make such a difference.. If you are a Christian, a believer with all of your heart and strength in Jesus Christ; you will never be without hope.. Today your pain and weakness are serious, and should not be taken lightly.. The devil should not be taken lightly but more so, you should never take God's grace ever lightly.. Today if you are not discouraged, give thanks to God.. Then, pray for those that are and lend a smile and a kind word to those you know that are caught up only in today.. May God Really Bless You!

Bob Wood

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Copyright©2001 Bob Wood

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