"Do You Remember"

Do you remember when you had your first fudge treat, and you knew none could be more sweet?

Do you remember the first time you were soaked in the rain, and you were drenched from head to feet?

Do you remember your first hamburger or that ice cream cone, and your life felt so complete?

Do you remember your first Christmas day, and the night before, how it was hard to sleep?

Do you remember when you first played in the snow, and the first time you prayed my soul to keep?

Do you remember when you caught butterflies and lightning bugs, and how you always loved Grandmas special hugs?

Do you remember the first fish you caught, and the joy that could never be bought?

Do you remember the first time you rode your bike alone, and wished this excitement could forever go on?

Do you remember your first day at school, and the first friend that came along?

Do you remember your first sweetheart, and how you felt with your first broken heart?

Do You remember how you felt on graduation day, and the last time you said goodbye to your school, then watched your friends go so many ways?

Do you remember how you felt when you told Mom and Dad you were to be wed, and the thoughts that raced through your head?

Do you remember how you felt the day you said I do, with so many feelings mixed inside of you?

Do you remember when your child too said I do, and you knew your heart would break in two?

Do you remember what joy in life God has shared with you, and there is more to come before this life is through?

Do you remember the good of life not the bad, or could this be why you're so sad?

Do you remember? Do you?

Written by Bob Wood

1 Chronicles 16:12...Remember his marvelous works that he hath done, his wonders, and the judgements of his mouth;

Often times we are so involved with todays problem, we forget to enjoy the joy and wonders that usually out number the emergencies of our life.. Often we look back at what troubled us so much and call them the good old days.. We often though try to keep going on our own power.. As Christians we have power and we use the power God gives.. If our car runs low of gas we refill.. If it runs out of gas we go no farther until it is filled again.. You know in your life with Christ when you are running low.. This is your time to refill.. We should read His word, reflect on God's Blessings, give Him praise for the blessings which are too numerous to count, and pray more often.. This way you are not only filled with Spiritual fuel, but the best grade of fuel possible.. This is the power all others try to copy.. You can't get it from man, in a pill, from a counselor or from a bottle.. We live in a world that is trying to do it their way, but just as there is artificial light and sunlight, so it is with the power of God and the world's power.. Today count only ten joys God has given you and give Him praise.. Tomorrow do it again with ten different joys.. Remember to count only ten.. Today keep shining and be as good as you can be, and when you have a chance, you pray for me.. May God really bless you and have a great day..

Bob Wood

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