"Flowers Of Spring"

The flowers of spring are a site to behold, and the world seems excited after a long winter cold.

They come through the ground ever so shy, but when full in bloom you wonder why.

They stand so very proud for all to see, and delight your mind completely free.

The bees do buzz and the humming bird too, and appear most gracious, when covered in dew.

They lend their beauty to a yard or field, as they share a love from God so real.

They come in shades of blue, of reds, yellows and grays, with each not jealous, but thrilled for each to be this way.

They don't look down their blooms at those old or new, but share their love in days so few.

Maybe man can glean from God's flowers a lesson true, as we as well, face our days as few.

As you pass the flowers today, give more than a glance, as their being there is no mere chance.

Written by Bob Wood

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Copyright İBob Wood

All Rights Reserved by and Bob Wood