"Forever And A Day"

Today as I kneel and pray, I often ponder what will I say.

Will I thank God for the daily bread I am given, day after day, or will I thank Him for loving me in His very special way?

Will I thank God for my wife and children, and my grandchildren too, who give me each day a love brand new?

Will I praise God for His sunrise and His sunset too, or will I praise Him for the sky above, whether it be gray or blue?

Will I praise God for the smile I received only yesterday, and for a chance for that smile to repay, as I go about today?

Will I Thank God for saving my soul, for forgiving me, for caring for me, and for keeping me, even when I'm not as good as I should be?

I will Praise God for all I've said above, and for giving me His most special love.

I thank You God and this I humbly pray, for loving me forever and a day.

Written by Bob Wood

Psalms 57:7

My heart is fixed, O God,my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.

To find real joy today praise God for so many gifts in your life.. Today do not think on bad things that have come your way, but praise God for the joy and happiness you've had..Today think on good only.

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