"God Made You Just Right"

There was a young lady in this world I did know, with love placed in her heart, but needed to grow.

She was somewhere between a woman and a girl, with life racing so fast that her mind did whirl.

She tried so hard to please one and all, but some thought of her as still too small.

Some said she was fat and others said thin, and with tear filled eyes, felt she could not win.

Her life was changing and her body too. Is this what all adults go through?

One morning she awoke and felt so free, as she realized, life is not what others expect of me.

This life is short, oh but a span, and I’ll live for God the best I can.

My beauty is deep and wants to grow, and yet others can’t see, they soon will know.

So now while some are short, and others tall, I'll remember God made me just right, we one and all.

Written by Bob Wood


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Copyright©2000 Bob Wood

All Rights Reserved by and Bob Wood