"God's Good Life"

I often look back at what is called the good old days, to find a refreshing look at how we faced life in different ways.

I remember cold winter mornings we would gather around an old wood stove fire, as we faced each day like we would never tire.

The fire was hot and our love was warm, and as a family could face any storm.

The frosty grass under foot did crunch, and off to school we went clutching under our arm our lunch.

The smoke from the chimneys filled the cold air so sweet, while the sun would rise for our eyes a treat.

You could smell bacon and biscuits in the air and each day whether clear or cloudy brought joy not rare.

Birds were singing and the roosters did crow, and what a wonderful place for a young boy to grow.

I can see my dad on his tractor plowing many a mile, and all the time his joy would show with that great big smile.

I can see my mom as off to the cotton patch would go, to pick hard all day, to watch our family grow.

I can hear mamaw as she read the bible and sang How Great Thou Art, and this is where in God I received my start.

There is so much in my life that has been so wrong, but it is these precious memories that keep me strong.

Look on God's good life He has given you, and join with friends and family as today you may make precious memories too.

Written by Bob Wood

Isaiah 64:6

We all do fade as a leaf;

Today we should try to remember and give thanks for blessings God has given us..There certainly is much that is wrong today, but God remains ever strong.


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