"Gone Are The Days"

Gone are the days as time does fly, has that much life really past you by?

Gone are the days of toy trucks and cars, and mud pies, or for Mom to wipe the tears from your eye.

Gone are the days of love notes and that first kiss, and the youth now wasted, is what you miss.

Gone are the days of childhood and late night fears, and life seems so short with many years.

Your children are grown, and oh how time has flown.

Are all these gone, your life now past, or have you found life at last?

You're not dead, but living still,so go for life and drink your fill.

Walk in the rain and barefoot in the grass, and you'll feel joy whether Lad or Lass.

Walk under a tree and and set free the dew, as you shake its branches, for a feeling new.

Lie on the ground and look in the sky, and find shapes in the clouds as they pass by.

Gone are the regretting of days gone by, you must live life now, so give it a try.

From now on as you begin your days, stop for a time to give God His praise, as you explain a life once hopeless and blue, but now Gone Are The Days, because you're not through.

Written by Bob Wood

Psalms 118: 17 .. I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.

If life has disappointed you and I am sure at times it has or it most surely will; be assured your life is not yet through.. There are more bad experiences yet to come your way, yet thank God; there are some absolutely wonderful joys yet to come as well.. You have not come this far to give up now.. You will never again live this moment you are living right now.. Whether you are ten or one hundred, life is so meant to be experienced to the fullest by you.. If you have what we call a terminal illness or one you love does; smell, taste, see, touch all of God's love you can.. The first thing man does as soon as he is born is begin to die.. We have a hunger to live from conception.. You may be going through or gone through a terrible experience.. Be assured God allowed you to be born for a purpose.. The devil will tell you no one cares, no one loves you, that you should die now but the devil is wrong.. He always is.. You are a very special individual with love to be received and given; so go for it.. May God Really Bless You.. Keep shining and be as good as you can be, and when you have a chance, you pray for me.

Bob Wood

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