"Good Old Days"

As I was shining in the past, I found my heart now beating fast.

There was a thought in my mind aglow, back to a Christmas long ago, and a night so bright on fallen snow.

The icicles from the roof hung in a row, and smoke from the chimney in the sky did glow.

The pond was frozen and covered in snowy white.

I could see forever though it was night, across the land, a moonlight bright.

The moon streamed gently into my room, and washed away each mark of gloom.

All through the house is quiet and well, and the aroma of cedar I strongly smell.

I now turn my head to search for sleep, but I know this is one memory I'll forever keep.

This is a day in the past I'm shining, as I know it's the good of life that will truly last.

So in the future not far away we find, it's life right now, this day, that we should shine, and give God the praise, for it's today that are tomorrow's good old days.

Written by Bob Wood

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