Psalms 33: 12 ... Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.
The red in this flag is made possible by God. Therefore, I will keep the red in this flag. The red represents to me the oceans of blood that have been shed to allow me to live as I do today.  It represents the richest,reddest and the only pure blood to have been shed. This pure blood would be the blood of God's own Son. Without the shedding of blood, we would not be the nation that we are today. We would be just like all of the other countries that so want what we have. This red is for all. It is for the elderly, the unborn and the reborn. It is for the factory worker, the rancher, farmer, the office workers and the disabled. It even defends those that will speak against her. It is impossible to love this country and not love God. It is impossible to love God and not love this country. My country may not be perfect but God that blesses her is. A few have tried to convince some that we cannot pray in school or that we cannot hang the ten commandments on the wall. Prayer will always be in school as long as there are Christian teachers and students in the school. The ten commandments will be displayed in every public place, in our yards and in our homes as long as they hang in our hearts. Is this one nation under God?  It had better always remain so or the red in this flag will no longer be.  Have a blessed 4th of July!  Our independence is made possible by our total dependence on God almighty

Bob Wood

We have a wonderful country. God gives each atheist and religionist the same rights to live on this earth as He does every Christian. Also our nation, our flag gives those that will not pledge to her, those that continually bring her shame the same if not more freedom than we that do love this country and her flag. They are not forced to even stand at attention, just in the same way that God does not force anyone to pray. If these people lived anywhere else they could stand the chance of severe punishment, even death for the freedom they enjoy of rebelling against this nation and her flag. I am impressed that so many seemingly are afraid of the name God or Jesus Christ. If they will not follow this nation; it is good that we know they are open in their hate of her. If they will not follow Jesus Christ, then it is good to know that they do atleast have enough intelligence to be afraid of what the circumstances will be. If you are an atheist or a religionist, it is your right to go to hell, your right to not bear reverence to Jesus Christ. You even have the right to be offended that we do love and believe in Christ but you do not have the right to stop me from loving Him and worshipping Christ, at anyplace or anytime. No, we will not force you to pledge to a flag that is one nation under God. No, we will not force you to pray to a God that you do not believe in. We do however expect you to have enough decency and intelligence to standby while we do pledge and we do pray to the One that has given you the freedom you now enjoy. If you do not love God then you are yet His enemy. If you do not love this U.S.A., then you are her enemy. It has been said that they should either love it or leave it. No one would ever leave a nation with such freedom as this nation. If you are running down my country; you are running me and millions more down as well. Without God, this nation would be just a group of rejects and misfits from all the other countries of this world. Stand firm America. You have the last Word and the Word is God. I am an American in the nation that is one nation, not many of German, African or Irish but become one nation, made possible by the grace of God. It is one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. God thank You for blessing America? In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Bob Wood

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