"Have You Ever Had A Day"

Have you ever had a day, when all seemed wrong, and you just couldn't sing, no matter how beautiful the song?

Have you ever had a day, that no matter where you looked, though the flowers still bloomed, you saw darkness strong?

Have you ever had a day, though smiles with you were shared, it just seemed no one cared?

Have you ever had a day, though the sun was shining true, but the best that you could feel, was cold and blue?

Have you ever had a day, though many depend on you, that you felt your life was over, and the world would be best, without you?

Do you know the sun is still shining, behind a sky of gray, and we can surely see it, if we will but blow the clouds away?

It's hard to see from where comes the rain, if we are looking at our feet, and complaining of the strain.

You haven't had the worst day, nor has your best come through. Suicide is not an option, and let me suggest what you can do.

Turn your eyes to Jesus, and tell Him of your pain. He will lift you above the clouds so gray, and allow you to see farther along, to the beauty of another day.

Written by Bob Wood

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