"He Is Never Wrong"

Is Christmas really merry, and can it be happy and bright for those that feel pain, and in dark they search for light?

Somewhere there is one that is terminally ill. Can he be happy as he searches for God's will?

Today there is a husband whose body now in fresh ground lays. Can his family find strength in all their yesterdays?

There is a little boy whose dad has adopted another son and a new family in another place, he has begun. Can Christmas still be fun?

A little girl to death has just lost her dad, as good a friend a girl ever had. Will this Christmas be so very sad?

A dad has lost his job, a mother lost her child and another has a family that seems to have gone wild. Can Christmas still be tender and mild?

One has lost a brother, and another lost his wife and there is one that wants to take his life. Will this Christmas be like no other and filled with tears and strife?

Christmas as always will truly be hard for some, but let us remember more of where we are going to, and not where we are coming from.

It's true you'll never be the same, but God never told we'd never hurt again, nor would there be no pain.

But if we would call on Him; that is in Jesus name, that He would be our strength, that we can bear the strain.

So now you may dwell on all that is good and not the wrong and you will find joy piece by piece and your healing too will come along.

Now whether Christmas, birthdays or just your favorite song, Christ knows you can do all things, and He is never wrong.

Written by Bob Wood

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