"He's Savior To Me"

While walking alone, yet never alone; one lonely day, I thought of those who have not heard, nor found the way.

And if they were to ask me to explain,this one that I Adore, could I tell them Who Jesus is, and that He would love them forever more?

Could I tell them the joy I have now each day? Or would I tell them who Jesus is to some; I've met along the way?

That to some, He is Jesus, Master and Friend. To some He is Comfort, the Beginning and the End.

To some He is Worthy, God's only Son, and to some He is Eternal Life, living in them.

To others, he is the Light to show them the way.

Though all these are most wonderfully True, as is God's Holy Word, still as always when I am asked, just Who Jesus is, I thank God, that I Brightly can say, "He's Savior to Me".

Yes, He is Master, Comfort and Friend. He's God's only Son. He is the Light Eternal, the Beginning and the End.


Written by Bro. Bob Wood

May 1, 1997


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