"He's Still There"

When down and feel we can't go, and life seems it's lowest low,and when it seems hard to pray, even in the smallest way, He's still there.

When our eyes are blinded by a life of tears, because a life unfair is what we fear, He's still there.

When friends aren't friends, and do not care, and to reach to them we do not dare, He's still there.

When in our life the flowers just won't bloom, and our hearts feel like an empty room, He's still there.

When the sun won't shine and we feel gloom, and for love we search but cannot find, He's still there.

When we are down it's hard to see, that around the bend a joy can be, and once again we'll know, He's still there.

Today we'll walk but not alone, because in Jesus A Friend we've found, and whether we are up or we are down, He's still there.

Written by Bob Wood

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All Rights Reserved by and ©Bob Wood