As we travel more around this earth; it seems each day much smaller in girth.

Our time seems shorter from death to birth and often hard to find real worth.

I cannot promise another day we will go but my Redeemer liveth; this I know.

If I could but write my heart so you might know, of a love most pure given long ago.

You would understand though we may fall; our Redeemer will stand through it all.

Though this world is content in array; it will be Christ finally in full display.

There comes a day of no more gray, though the world dismay; trouble no more may sway.

This valley today may seem the lowest low but lift your eyes to heaven in fullest glow.

Hope is not a place that I might one day go but where I am now, that I will grow.

Written by Bob Wood

Job 19: 24 .. That they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock for ever! 25 .. For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:

Job was on the other side, the darker side of the cross. We live on the sunny side of the cross. We live where God's light shines everyday. We have the Power and Person of Jesus Christ to guide us and keep us going. Job went through what would kill most of us. Yet, he kept not only going but knew God was right all of the time. We face problems often today with a major whine. Why did this happen to me? Why can't I have more? Christ immediately saw this in our nature in the Garden when we fell asleep after He had asked us to watch and pray. He had seen it many times before and even instructed us to quit whining and take up our cross and follow Him. My crosses today weigh only ounces in comparison to the one He bore. We can learn from Job that yes we will have many crosses in this life but God knows best. God loves us and will always give us the best. Night would be unbearable but we know the morning comes. We may have many heartaches today but my Redeemer liveth and He will always win. That makes you a winner. You are a winner not a loser. You are not weak as satan may say but powerful. The day you became a Child of God; you received power! Today, keep on the sunny side and walk in the Light of Christ. May God Really Bless You! Keep shining and be as good as you can be and when you have a chance; you pray for me.

Bob Wood

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Copyright 2003 Bob Wood

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