"I'm Not Ready"

I wasn't ready for my first day at school, or to move to a new house. I wasn't ready to change schools and friends. I wasn't ready for my first high fly ball, or the first fish that stuck my hand.

I wasn't ready for my first chance at swimming. I wasn't ready to ask the first girl out, and I sure wasn't ready for my first broken heart.

I wasn't ready to become a pastor and move from state to state, to make new friends and leave them again and again.

I wasn't ready to get married, or to have our children. I wasn't ready to lose my Mammaw or to lose my Dad. I wasn't ready for my children to graduate, to get married, and to leave home. I wasn't ready for bi-focals or tri-focals.

I wasn't ready to become a Grandparent, to have gray hair, and to know first hand of middle age spread. I wasn't ready to become a man, and inside in many ways, I'm still that little boy, on his first day at school.

To be with Christ I am ready, but to be with you for the last time, I'm not Ready. I wasn't ready to be separated from our family that are states away. I wasn't ready, but I'm so glad I didn't wait till I was ready.

If I'd have waited till I was ready, I would have missed my life. So today I want to live and to do all the things for which I'm not ready.

Written by Bob Wood

The Ember Has its brightest time to shine, when it is in the fire.

 Bob Wood 

James 4: 14 .. Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.. For what is your life?. It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

So many feel they have the power to control their life and or their destiny.. They say we will wait until we can afford a child before we have one, or we will save the money to buy a house.. I am convinced that if we would have waited until we could afford our children, we would not have children even today.. Our life, our children, our home, is a gift of God to be enjoyed today.. We don't wait to fall in love until we are sure they love us.. We do not learn to love our children; rather we love them right now as if they had always been.. God loves us even before we are ready for His love and I am so thankful for that fact.. I did not have to become perfect to receive His love.. I just accepted it.. God is so good to us.. Some do not believe in Jesus Christ, and I don't mind them being wrong, but this is one thing that they must get right, must get straightened out before they die.. Life is ready to be lived today, but first you must accept this life in Jesus Christ.. Don't sit and wait for life to happen.. Live your life today!. May God Really Bless You!. Keep Shining and Be as Good as You Can Be, and When You have a Chance, You Pray For Me!

Bob Wood

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