"I Need Direction"

In the distance is the sound of thunder strong, and it mingles with the leaves in gentle breeze, a pleasant midsummer song.

I face the wind to breathe in this air and petition God in silent prayer.

I need direction, I've lost my way, as many distractions have blocked the day.

Show me Lord of all my wrong, that I may more enjoy life's precious song.

Show me Lord to be like You, that one more soul may be led through.

Teach me Lord to not lose sight of You, that I may do, as You would have me to do.

Teach me Lord not only to survive, but in this life, that I will thrive.

Lead me Lord to live each day true, and cherish each moment in walk with You.

I need direction Lord to share Your love, as it has been given from above.

I praise You Lord, I feel quite free and feel this thrill You've shared with me.

I need direction Lord and I turn to You, as I know Your love will carry through.

Written by Bob Wood

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All Rights Reserved by and ©Bob Wood