"It Is Time"

In a world we live today that sings only the moment's song, and feels this life is forever eternal long.

It has no depth nor no width with only the surface scan, and has one purpose to bleed the life of man.

America that once with God stood towering tall, now blindly runs for the greatest fall of all.

It is time for Christians to repent, lest this frail life too soon be spent.

It is time we knew the church is not a comfort station to review our complaints, but is a recruiting station and boot camp for the saints.

It is time Christians find the church not a place our opinions to prove and act, but the place God presents to us the facts.

It is time God's men become the spiritual leaders in their home, instead of being politically correct and from their duty roam.

It is time for God's men to take their families back, and do it with grace and God's courage, for which their is no lack.

It is time that as Christ died for him the husband prove to his wife, he too for her is willing to give his life.

It is time the pastor take the church from a world had long enough, and preach the blood and nails on a cross rugged rough.

It is time the church repent of matriarchs, patriarchs, and deacon run social clubs now prod, and return it once again to be the house of God.

It is time the family stop fretting of the head of the house and boss, and follow God's plan, before more we suffer loss.

It is time pregnant males accept responsibility to become husbands and fathers to their child, or else a future face once again run wild.

It is time America once again work for her pay, or else just ahead ruin is on the way.

It is time women no longer feel ashamed of being a good mother, wife, or housekeeper, but proud to be a girl, that has or will accept the greatest responsibility ever, to rock this world.

Written by Bob Wood

Ecclesiastes 3: 1 ... To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:

God has surely had patience with our world and especially America.. We have been blessed again and again, yet still our law makers feel power to legislate right and wrong.. Churches and denominations of the Christian religion have even compromised their beliefs to fill their buildings and receive glory of man, but face a day coming, these compromises made will become hurting deadly sores, that will again bring man to his knees.

America as all the world is under attack by the devil and his mighty army, yet the strongest army the world has ever known is about to go to battle on its knees.. This army is so powerful not because of the soldiers most weak, worn, scarred and frail, but because of our commander, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.. We do not need another newer version of the bible to fit our life style.. We do not need better buildings and better education.. We do not need to give in to the world and let the world have our churches, but we need to let the world know the church has already been given to the world, and they must accept It as it is.. The world must change, because praise God, He never changes, but has sent His Son that the world can change..

If you are a Christian, give thanks.. If you are not, then receive Christ as your personal Savior today!. May God Really Bless You and have a wonderful day!

Written by Bob Wood

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