"Last Night I Heard Jesus"

Last night I heard Jesus, as I watched a young mother cry, because her child of three had cancer, and was about to die.

Last night I heard Jesus, as a Doctor held a baby of two pounds, and a tear came to his eye, and last night I heard Jesus as I held the hand of one, that said to this world goodbye.

Last night I heard Jesus, as a young lady unwed became with child, and said she wanted to die.

Last night I heard Jesus, as a young man had been unfaithful to his wife, and then decided to take his own life.

Last night I heard Jesus, as a lady of fifty years married, stood by a coffin, and there she tarried.

Jesus said, "I am the giver and receiver of life,and I know in this world full of strife, it's often hard to see but I never steal or take life away, but will one day allow you to come unto me."

Jesus said, "I still work miracles, and before your life is through, there will be more miracles that I will do for you."

Jesus said, "I still forgive sin and if you will let me come in, I'll become your closest friend."

Jesus said."I am the way,the truth and the light, and where your loved one is going, there will be no night."

It is often the darkest times that we will kneel and pray, our life seems all wrong, and all hope is gone, but then comes the day, when we can truly say, "last night I heard Jesus."

Written by Bob Wood

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