"Let It Be?"

This old world is hurting and falling apart, and it seems to be dieing of a broken heart.

Should we open our eyes and see, or should we just let it be?

The old folks fear for their life at night and day time too, and this alone should make us blue.

Babies are disposed as some kind of trash, and man and God are about to clash.

People hit the road and are soon ready to kill, and many have never once asked to find God's will.

It's time the teachers teach in a brand new way, no matter what a select few may have to say.

It's time the fight over God in school is through, even if it offends a few.

It's time preachers preach of a hell and wrong, and tell of real love, and a brand new song.

Christmas has been traded for the dollar bill, and Easter treated as a holiday and not a Holy Day, and we wonder when will God get His fill?

The flowers are wilting from all this strife, and we need revival of a Godly life.

This world is in trouble and many do cry, but there'll be no change if we don't try.

There is so much hate and war, that man can't see.

Should we open our eyes or let it be?

Written by Bob Wood


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