"Let My Light Shine"

Let my light shine that all might see, to find Your path to set them free, and let it glow with Your love divine for love at last that they will find.

In all I do help me to be, much less like me and more like You, that I might be able to shine Your light, to lead one through.

Keep your light shining on me, that I may never grow cold, and help me reflect your light, that I may never grow old.

Written by Bob Wood

Matthew 5: 16 .. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

In our darkest times we need a friend.. While watching the Little Rascals one of the little boys looked into a cave, and told the others, "all I see in there is but midnight.". So it is with many today.. We are not supposed to live in darkness, nor are we to compromise with darkness, nor are we to get accustomed to darkness.. We are children of the Light.. We know that hell and the devil are real, that Christ is sinless, that we can't work hard enough nor pay enough to get to heaven.. We know that the Holy Bible is true, inspired by God Himself and we know that the only way to heaven is by believing with all that we are or have or ever hope to be, in the only way and person of Jesus Christ.. We know that even the faith we place in Christ was given to us by God through His Son Jesus Christ.. We know because we see and we see because we have Light.. That Light is Jesus Christ.. There is not enough darkness to overcome the smallest candle, but the smallest candle can overcome the darkest cave.. You are the light.. Walk in the Light as Christ is the Light.. Your walk today will be brighter, your step lighter and more sure, and you can help others today, that see only the darkness this world has to offer.. You are Somebody.. You belong to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.. You are one day going to heaven.. Let your Light Shine because you know it and you have it.. May God Really Bless You!. Keep Shining and Be as Good as You can be and when You have a chance You pray for me.

Bob Wood 

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