"Life's Pebbles"

A pebble in the water thrown, will touch the shore in places far and places near, and as pebbles in life too are known, that we feel pain and may know cheer.

As we go through life this day, we will effect a life as well in our own way, so choose so ever carefully as to what you do and what you say.

When you meet one that is down, greet them with a smile and not a frown, and as in the water each ring, you may help another not to weep but sing.

One day you too may be far from shore and your life feel all wrong, and a friend for you too will come along.

Your life is not of whom did each ripple send, but how each ripple in your life did end.

So no matter the pebbles thrown in life, you are assured of joy always coming, and not forever this strife.

Written by Bob Wood

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Copyright©2000 Bob Wood

All Rights Reserved by and Bob Wood