Loneliness is a child with no mom and dad, and loneliness is the worst when times are bad.

Loneliness is a house but not a home, and it's the echo of our voice, as through this life we roam.

Loneliness is a family in a new town, as they feel a friend can't be found.

Loneliness is a husband or wife now beneath the ground, as the one left searches for new life, but none can be found.

Loneliness is a lady in a nursing home, and now in a wheel chair no more to roam.

Loneliness is a child with too many a mom and dad, as a real family, they've never had.

Loneliness is a little boy on a baseball field, with no dad to praise him, and make life real.

Loneliness is a young lady with a broken heart, and her mind can't imagine anew to start.

Loneliness is a dove flying all alone, as the one it loved is forever gone.

Loneliness is a church with empty pews, and none to share the greatest news.

Loneliness can be when you are alone or in a crowd, and it can be in laughter mild or oh so loud.

Loneliness will come surely to us all, and our tears like rain will gently fall.

Loneliness is not meant to be kept but you must share, and you will find life in others, and that God does still answer prayer.

Written by Bob Wood

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Copyright©2000 Bob Wood

All Rights Reserved by and Bob Wood