"Look At life"

All today seem to be so in a hurry, and some only seem to take time to stop and worry.

Trouble will surely come all life long, but there is much to happen not wrong.

Today you may be blue, but you most surely can be happy too.

As you walk by the roses breathe in deep, and the pleasant aroma you will forever keep.

As you smile today, smile big and smile long, and you will find it is you, to be made strong.

As you walk today walk the more slow, so you may enjoy life as you go.

If you color go out of line, and try more to smile than to whine.

If there is gray in your hair, well who is to care, as you have found joy in your heart so very rare.

Say hello to your troubles but then goodbye, and find more time to smile than to cry.

As you live today there will be strife, but today enjoy as you look at life.

Written by Bob Wood

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Copyright©2000 Bob Wood

All Rights Reserved by and Bob Wood