" Love Is"

Love is a smile at the end of the day,and it's the touch of a hand, to say it's OK.

Love is being accepted just like we are, and letting those we love know, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Love is saying we are sorry, and being forgiven and forgiving, again and again.

Love is a smile across the room, to say you're on my heart, and love is a phone call in the middle of the day. It is a note carefully hidden, that may simply say, "When God created you, it was more than a work of art."

Love is the two of us sitting without saying a word, knowing that in this silence, our love will still be heard.

Love is a puppie knawing on a bone, then screaming to the top of it's lungs, when it discovers it's all alone.

Love is two turtle doves, gently cooing in a tree. It is rain on the window or a fire burning bright, and love is sitting in a swing on a warm summers night.

Love is sitting by the river with the moon as our light, and it's two arms around you, to hold on tight.

Love is a little child, who kneels to pray, and thanks God above for Mommies, Daddys, grandparents, frogs, and ice cream, and the chance to play,another day.

Written by Bob Wood

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