"I Remember My Mammaw"

As a little boy, I and the other Grandchildren, had a very dear Friend. Some of the family called her Lily. Some called her Mrs. Bowman.

Some called her Mother, but to the Grandchildren, She was and still is today Mammaw.

I spent many days with Mammaw & Pappaw. We chopped and picked cotton, it seemed all year long.

She and I picked blackberries, which She Would Put into a pie, that makes my mouth water still today.

One day She & I found some buttercups growing up through some old boards.

We began to uncover them and I noticed the flowers were beautiful but the bottoms were faded, frail and weak. I asked how this had happened, and Mammaw said the flower was beautiful because it had struggled to find the light.

It had come through the winter, through frost, through obstacles and even a wood pile, so it could shine.

Mammaw taught me, to search for the light of life, even when all seems the darkest, and when we find it to thank the Lord Jesus.

That is what those buttercups did and I am sure that is what my Mammaw did.

She struggled her whole life, to find just a little of God's Light on this earth.

But now has made it through the winter, and a pile of troubles; and I can only but surely imagine;

Mammaw is blooming, shining and Praising God in Heaven today.. Thanks Mammaw!

Written by Bob Wood

Psalms 71: 18 .. now also when I am old and gray headed, O God, forsake me not; until I have showed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come.

Grandparents truly can be grand and I am convinced the reason is because of grandchildren being so grand.. My grandchildren are and you will most probably agree that so are yours.. My Grandmother, (Mammaw), certainly was the apple of my eye.. If you are a grandparent, I want you to remember what lasting memories you are forming right now with these so grand.. If you are a grandchild, then go and tell your grandparent what they mean to you.. This relationship is grand because it is formed in heaven.. Thank God for these you love.. Find others like you that do not have such a relationship and make a super friend.. God is so good!!.. May God Really Bless You !. Keep shining and be as good as you can be and when you have a chance, you pray for me.

Bob Wood

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