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"Meant To Be"

Though just a boy not yet grown, this is joy I'm glad I've known.

Is this real, can this be me? Thank You Lord, I feel so free.

The wind is in my face and in my hair, my heart feels joy without a care.

I look across the handlebars and see, the open road awaiting me.

The chrome sparkles as do my eyes, as overhead are open skies.

In early morn on a vacant road, I idle on without a load.

I feel I'm flying though on the ground, and on my face there is no frown.

I see the world and the clouds above, and I give praise to God for His love.

I sing outloud and throttle on, and know this day that I have grown.

Now as I ride and feel so free, I know my Lord rides here with me, and we and this motorcycle are meant to be.

Written by Bob Wood

When I was just a kid about 12 years old, I loved to get up early on Sunday morning before others got up and would ride down the Gann road in Gibson County in West Tennessee. It seemed like I was the only one in the world. I would go as slow as I wanted to or speed up. I enjoyed going slow enough to hear the world around me. As I write this article; I will have been riding for 40 years. I still enjoy it very much. Sure there are still some out there that feel they have to prove they are TUFF. They roar and snarl with all of the sincerity of a political convention but I still ride because I enjoy the ride. My bike is pretty. It has Christ all over it and I hope that is what others see on and in me. One of my other writings describes me pretty well, "Born To Be Mild." My bike sounds good and we love the sound that does not shake windows. A young man pulled up beside me on a straddle rocket and rared her straight up on take off. Looked like fun but these days if I'm doing 130 I'll probably be running from a bear and not Smoky the Bear. May God Bless and keep you. Ride safe and go with Christ.

Psalms 51:12

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

I started riding motorcycles when I was just a kid.. I loved it then and I still love the ride.. The road is much more crowded now, adding even more to the danger and the need for experience.. I have also learned many do not expect a preacher and his wife to ride.. We love it and find it is relaxing and a great way to get alone for prayer and to meditate on and with God's love.. We do not dress as though we are about to invade a city, but wear what will keep us comfortable for that day.. We have a great chance to witness for Christ as well.. One lady told me she had never seen a pastor that rode a motorcycle.. She was trying to chastise me.. I simply told her if she would be watching out her window the next morning, she would see me ride mine off of the porch.. We are always looking for new opportunities to witness and win souls for Christ.. There are some good old boys and girls out there riding, labeled by well intending Christians; that need more to hear the Word than to be condemned.. There are many makes and models of bikes being made in America today.. These bike manufacturers are putting a lot of people to work.. There is a great feeling of freedom as you ride.. There is a renewed joy each time you mount up.. We can't help but feel a little closer to God, and a renewal of His life as we ride.. If you ride, do it to the Glory of God.. If you are lost, ask Christ into your life right now..

This page is one for those that love to ride or if you love someone that loves to ride.. A real rider loves other riders, does not put down another's bike, and always puts God first in their life.. A real rider hopes to improve the motorcycle rider image, by the way they react to life, as they reflect Jesus Christ in each situation, everyday. May God Really Bless You!

Bob Wood

The picture on the left is me, Bob Wood, on my first bike, a Honda Sports 50. That is my brother Kevin on the back. The picture on the right is our little 2001 American built Honda Shadow Spirit 1100.


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