"Mission Not Impossible"

Today I will be on mission to please the masses and I'll be on my way before much time passes.

I will visit the sick and the sicker, and I want be surprised, as they gripe and bicker.

I will love the unlovely and the ugly, and when I smile I will do it smugly.

I will prepare a sermon or maybe two in my spare time, after all, preachers come a dozen for a dime.

I will only take five minutes to prepare, and I will preach no more than twenty lest I dare.

I will win souls, and visit the ones never wrong, so I can teach the rest of the church how to get along.

I will open the complaint department from six to five and will greet all with a smile as they arrive.

I am too old to be young and too young to be old, and my bank account is lined with pure gold.

I will dress in style and walk on water, and will be appreciative of those that give a quarter.

I will walk the walk on the road I trod but instead of man, I will serve my God.

Man faced a mission impossible so God sent His Son, to make that mission impossible possible.

Written By Bob Wood

Director Of Missions Not Impossible

Today pray for your pastor and let him and his family know they are loved. You may just be the one God sends to encourage your pastor today.

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Copyright 2001 Bob Wood

All Rights Reserved by and Bob Wood