"My Brand New Broken Heart"

Many is the time that I have knelt to pray, and it was just a part of yet another day.

Often I have prayed for help to preach, and to sing, or for me anew to start, and often I have prayed, Lord heal my broken heart.

One day I thought of Christ and how that He did weep, of how He gave His life and He counts us as His sheep.

So now today I'll pray to make a new start, and that his love will grow forever in my heart.

I'll see life anew, and praise Him for His love.

I still now ask to better preach and sing, but starting right now I've changed one thing.

I'll praise Him today, that He has given me, my life a work of art, and of how He loved me so, that my sins He took away, then died with broken heart.

I thank You Lord, of love from You to me, as my prayer will now forever be, Lord let their be less of me and more of Thee.

I thank You Lord for allowing me to be, a friend so close to You, and now can ask of You each day, give me A Brand New Broken Heart.

Written by Bob Wood

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