"Oklahoma Skies"

There is a place so dear to me, and under its skies I feel so free.

At night I see stars so many bright, and across the land can count the towns by their lights.

In Spring the land a velvet green, with wheat on every plot, I find joy which must be seen, and is formed in mind with none forgot.

The folks there are just my kind, and for friendship look as in them I find.

The wind in constant forth does blow, and the little trees lean ever to the north to and fro.

The scissor tailed fly catcher in the breeze does play, and its tail displayed in great array.

The sand plums are on the dirt roadsides sweet, and if you'll stop, will find a treat.

The lightning seems to vein the sky, and each time a treat brand new to my eye.

The thunder seems to rumble in the ground, which always do my ears astound.

The sagebrush at fall touch my nostrils sweet and I know this is a place that can't be beat.

I know your sky too is above, but underneath this sky so blue, we share a love from above and true.

God pointed to Oklahoma and said be this way, and this is how we intend for her to stay.

If you are down not looking up, it's time you too realize, You're under Oklahoma skies.

Written by Bob Wood

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All Rights Reserved by and ©Bob Wood