"Our Life Will Not Be Done"

Will morning ever come? Will the light shine through? Will this pain go away, or will we forever be blue?

Will the Spring come? Will this cold go away? Will the flowers bloom, or will we forever feel this gloom?

Will the Summer come? Will the fruit begin to bare? Will the work ever cease, or will we never find peace?

Will the Autumn come? Will we ever find rest, or will we continue in this test?

Will the Winter come? Will it linger long, or will we soon sing a brand new song?

One day rest will come and life will be complete, as one day face to face, our Lord we will meet.

One day the saints will rise and it will look as rain in backward flow, in the skys.

One day this race will be run and our life will not be done, but will begin one eternal season, with God and His Son.

Written by Bob Wood

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All Rights Reserved by and ©Bob Wood