"Ozark Times"

Ozark times and Ozark days, is the love lived on in Ozark ways.

The countryside is a mingled blend, of hills, of mountains and a sky so blue, and each time you look at them, a sight brand new.

You shake a hand and they'll shake it back, for in the Ozarks a friend you shouldn't lack.

You can hear music sweet of guitar, banjo, a piano too, and you'll find the fiddle can't be beat, as each time Amazing Grace sounds brand new.

Ozark folks say hello and hope to know your name, and they expect you to do the same.

The land colors my mind with an awesome hue, of red and green and blue and you'll see it too before you're through.

This place is more than leaves or hills or rivers and lakes, but of folks who try and forgive mistakes.

This land and folk are not behind in a worldly way, but we choose a path we now trod, which we believe is given by God.

You be careful if you're passing through, or else you'll become an Ozark too.

Written by Bob Wood

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All Rights Reserved by and İBob Wood