"Remember Life"

When a boy I knew what was called a lazy day and I often wish could do the same today.

On a lazy day when the sun was hot, I could doze in the shady breeze on the front porch swing, with all known troubles forgot.

On a summer drizzley day, I could listen to the sounding rain, and it would melt my cares away.

I could sit for hours as a boy, finding shapes in the clouds to find real joy.

Bosco syrup and a bowl of ice cream, compared in mind to pleasant dreams.

A fishing rig was a line, a hook and a pole, and gave me joy even today, that can't be told.

I thought it was fun to be caught in the rain, and was amazed how an ear of corn, could come from one grain.

I would catch lightning bugs in the night, that filled the yard a precious sight.

With the dark of night and the windows raised, I could listen to the whippoorwills, as all through the night,to God they praised.

Work was certain and often hard were the days, so we rushed so hard to change our ways.

Lord help me though older I become, that I may never grow old, but always remember life and from where it really does come.

Written by Bob Wood


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Copyright©2000 Bob Wood

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