" Risk The Cost"

What happens to those who have found love and lost, and who would again risk, so terrible a cost?

Some have loved and never would tell, but each time to meet their heart did swell.

Some are lonely and in despair, as they search for love in life unfair.

What keeps apart those of love needed so, with not the chance their love to grow?

Some are rich and the other poor, while some are young or the other too old.

We know there's none love cannot endure, as love is strong and love is bold.

Some have love slipped away, to live in darkness though it is day.

Again their search will begin, while soon their heart our Lord does mend.

There is one for you to have and hold, so look for them whether young, or they are old.

Those of love will all agree, the way to keep love is to set love free.

Though love is free it is not cheap, and it makes some smile and others weep.

Now though your heart is broken of love so tossed, you again will risk the cost.

Written by Bob Wood

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Copyright©2000 Bob Wood

All Rights Reserved by and Bob Wood