Bob To Rocky Top Regina

Pottersville, Missouri




"Check Out Our Bolos On Rocky Top Western"




Below is our first red point, American Full Blood British White, Rocky Top Rocky.


Aurora Sunshine is a gentle efficient Dam.  Rocky at one hour old is 75# and strong.  He is cleaned and and nursing.




We enjoy life way out here in the good old Ozark country.  We have the best and only God, and our cows are first class.

The bulls are most gentle that I have ever been around and are famous for low birth weights.  The cows are noted for their ability to birth live calves almost always without need of your help.

We grow some real good ticks and our rocks are the best.  Heard a man say the other day that he killed a tick with a dog on it.  I think he shot it!

I saw a man the other day that had boots, a hat and a horse but he didn't have any cows.  We just figured he must be a horseboy instead of a cowboy.

I heard an old man reply to some young guys. holding their pants up with one hand and said, hey old man whatís happening?  He didnít miss a beat and replied, I got silver hair on my head and real gold in my real teeth and my head is bigger than a quarter and a gun to blow holes in puffed up wise offs, to give'm air so they can breathe. I believe if heíd of stomped his foot, they would have started running.  He wasnít the most congenial fellow Iíve ever seen but I liked him.

This all puts me in mind of the Irishman I met in Grabball Tennessee when I was 
about ten years old.  He was about 80 and it was the early 60's.  Folks had begun grilling
 outside.  He said, "people have lost their minds; they've gone to cooking outside and going to the 
pot inside."  He'd faint if he could see folks today. Our intellectual diet each day contains servings of 
cloning, homosexuality, sexuality, abortion, viagra, representation without taxation and reverse, folks 
complaining about an economy, while driving on gas at three dollars a gallon and driving cars that average 
around twenty thousand dollars.
I was in Walmart the other night and I decided I'd purchase me some new drawers.  I found drawers 
that had hot peppers, Sponge Bob and I looked to the next isle.  I smirked thinking what in the world 
would someone want with these.  While I was going through the parking lot with my new drawers tucked 
privately in a sack; I saw a young man with a big soda in one hand and holding up his britches with the 
other.  He wasn't doing a very good job because I saw his drawers which also needed holding up.  His 
hair was fuzzed up, had a stud in his nose and had about a month of peach fuzz growth on his face.  There 
were three more similar to him right behind him.  We beheld each other like we had just either left or 
entered the twilight zone.  I know it is explained that they are trying to find themselves but if they don't 
hold on to them britches; the whole world will find them first.  All I could think of was Legion fully clothed 
after he saw and received Christ and was in his right mind.  I've been called senile because I forgot to zip 
up my pants but now I feel right smart.  At least I don't have parts about to escape.  
Oh well,  keep shining and be a good as you can be and when you have a  chance; you pray for me.  
May God Really Bless You!


We've spoken with this expert and he stakes his life on the fact that beef is healthier and more economical than poultry.


Below, New Bull "Buddy" looking at Rocky Top's Newest Heifer.








Rocky Top U.S.A.

Simple As Black & White

Below left my dozer on the fire line doesn't have an air conditioner.  Below right the same hill is much cooler.



   Above right is Sunshine being very busy at motherhood.


Below left this little John Deere Is Handier Than A Hot Stick At A Rodeo

Above right is a real country boy with plenty of ammo on Rocky Top.



This is Rocky Top Shadow 5 months old smiling for the camera.


Below left are the two bulls Rocky & Jack eating some Hirsch Feed Range cubes and on the right is me smelling up the place with fish and seaweed fertilizer.  See my mask.  It smells like you'd expect but good for our earth and animals, as well as kinder to our bank account.



Below is part of the much needed hay for 2012-2013.  Drought has been very expensive for ranchers in the Ozarks and we are praying for a much better season in 2013.


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