"Simple Pleasures"

Simple pleasures can be found, as God has placed them all around.

In spring with green patch and dark blue sky, bring to mind a restful sigh, with a walk in the fields right after the rain, while sound pouring creeks in sweet refrain.

The clouds over head are racing through, while dropping sprinkles of moisty dew, and my mind feels peace with much less muddle, as I rinse my boots in this clear puddle.

A wind blows with gentle breeze, while freeing droplets from the trees, and the woods is budding with emerald green, which paints a picture most serene.

As the sun sets and dark does creep, tiny birds in bush find a place that they may roost and they might sleep.

The insects and small frogs now sing in praise, for this one of many of God's days, and delight to know simple pleasures can be found, as He has placed them all around.

Written by Bob Wood  

Proverbs 18: 2...A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself... Matthew 27: 45...Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.

Man seeks counsel most too often with that of foolish wisdom.. Fools tell you, you are bad because you were mistreated or your environment was wrong.. God's Word agrees that your environment is wrong but does point out that all of God's children are pilgrims in search of home.. He was so emphatic about it, that He sent His one and only Son to show us the way home... The darkest time the world has ever known, were the three hours God did not look at His Son because He bore our sins.. This was a time that brought the most pain of the cross to Christ.. Christ never sinned but took our sins on the cross.. He paid for our sins with His very own life.. There was none other without spot, blemish, or sin.. This darkest time turned out to be the brightest day of all for mankind, but it would not have been so, had He remained dead and in the grave.. On that day the sun shone brighter than ever in it's creation.. You too have a reason to shine.. You can accept Christ as Savior.. You can share God's love and you can find it moment by moment all around you.. Share some of God's simple pleasures today.. You are good because God never made one piece of junk.. Smile and share that smile today.. May God Really Bless You!

Bob Wood 

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