"Smoking Or Non Smoking"

I too once smoked, so this is not to put you down, but I know now I resembled a fire breathing clown.

The ads once portrayed you as distinguished, polite and tough, but to quit this addiction you reply, is way to rough.

Man today looks at life as well, that all is OK, if on us none does yell, but sin just as that nicotine above, on itself soon will tell.

You can always find those around, whom with you agrees, that this is your life and should be lived as you please.

Now in this life we have choices of comfort given of smoking or non smoking, and we answer air conditioned please, but the only comfort to be found, is when we're on our knees.

So I ask you today and for sure I'm not joking, but when it comes to eternal life, will that be nonsmoking or smoking?

So now with eternal life as well with our choice of comfort given, and we will answer prayer conditioned please, and know this comfort is only found, when we are on our knees.

Written by Bob Wood

Revelation 9:2...And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

You can't quit what has enslaved you...I had to have help to quit smoking, as I had become its slave...It is more so sure that you can not quit sin, because it has enslaved you and controls you...You for sure will have to have more than help, but will need a Savior...If you were drowning you would not hesitate to ask to be saved from this terrible death...You would not wait until you could quote the swimming rules by heart, but would say first let me be saved, and then I will learn the book, and even better will be able to help others not to die this terrible death.

When it comes to eternity I choose Christ, life, and heaven...I choose non smoking...Hell was not made for you, but for satan and all that choose to follow him...Have a great day...If you are not a Christian, become one today...There is a help for you below, listed,..How To Become A Christian...If you are a Christian, then lead someone to Christ before this day is through.

Bob Wood


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