"Some Are Afraid"

Some are so afraid their heart will break, that a chance at love they will never take.

Some live life a dream to never wake, and fear life that is real, while theirs is fake.

Some hear life's music but never do they dance and because of their fear to stumble, will not take the chance.

Some never smile to glow with cheer, as if it might be happiness they really fear.

Some find sorrow in life they feel they must, and yet not found a friend to trust.

Some have been hurt ever so deep and have yet to learn, though love is free, it is not cheap.

There are none to seek life's pain, but for flowers to grow there must be rain.

The sun is shining and it's a brand new day, so skake off these blues and go out and play.

As you brighten and shine today, you may help another find their way.

Happiness is as a seed just beneath the snow, which awaits the light so it might grow, and for you to have happiness, you must let it go.

Written by Bob Wood

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CopyrightŠ2000 Bob Wood

All Rights Reserved by and Bob Wood