"Soul Mate"

Since into my life you came, I've changed to never again be the same.

Life goes on all the while, yet I think of you still and smile.

This life is full enough of strife, but God sends us soul mates for life.

A soul mate loves you as you are, and while often distant in miles, is never that far.

A soul mate knows no age, but punctuates more each life's page.

A soul mate will be your husband or your wife, to make more complete your life.

They can be a student, a neighbor, a teacher, a pastor, all young or old not rare, to offer love you may share.

He that has a friend is never without, but those that have found their soul mates are most wealthy without a doubt.

You have brought joy into my life in a special way, and I wish peace, joy and happiness for you, In Christ's name I pray.. Amen

Written by Bob Wood


Matthew 26: 38....Then said He unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here and watch with me.

Jesus Christ had soul mates in Peter, James, and John.. Christ wanted to express His deepest feelings with these special friends.. If you are a Christian, you most certainly are a soul mate with Jesus Christ.. God looked at Adam in the Garden of Eden, and saw that Adam needed a soul mate.. Eve was a literal gift of love from God to Adam.. They were two that became one because they were soul mates.. Their souls were made to be one with each other and God.. Many are unhappy today because they have lost or have not yet found their soul mate.. Show yourself friendly or rather show yourself as one that wants and needs friends.. There are many friends waiting as are you to be found.. A few will be very special friends, that will fill very special places in your life.. I have found both friends and soul mates in those from small children to those that are quite late in age.. I've found them in male and female, and I am so thankful that I have.. One young lady asked me what I thought of the fact that her husband was much older than she was.. They had evidently received much criticism.. I asked her if they loved each other with all of their heart, and did they believe God intended for them to be together as husband and wife.. She explained this was exactly the case.. I married a couple in their 70's and 80's.. They asked if I thought it silly for them to get married.. There is a young lady 10 years old in Alabama that I call my buddy.. There is a young lady in Tennessee, eighteen, married and has a sweet baby boy.. I have a friend in California that God allowed us to meet in high school.. There are those in there 70's in Alabama.. There others in Kentucky, Oklahoma, and all over the world.. There are my Children and grandchildren.. There is my wife.. I am wealthy this day.. What joy to know you have found your soul mate in your spouse.. What a joy to know that a soul mate knows no gender or age.. You may be thinking of a very special friend or friends God has shared in your life.. Today send them a card, give them a hug, a phone call, an email, pray for them, send this devotion on to them. but whatever you do; let them know how much you appreciate them.. Use today wisely.. You will find peace, joy, and love as you share peace, joy, and love.. Keep Shining and Be As Good As You Can Be, and When You Have A Chance, You Pray for Me.. May God Really Bless You!

Bob Wood

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