"Stay In The Box"

Life is blessed to begin as an empty box and what we allow to come in are building blocks.

Many feel they must store rocks from their past but these are blocks that should not last.

Life never guarantees we'll understand all or find love, unless we search from God above.

If we will find peace our past we must release and in this life find a brand new lease.

Don't cling to the trash from the past of mistakes or what others have done but build on the new life you've now begun.

Our life we often ourselves try to cleanup but the truth will be seen with one glance close-up.

Allow God to remove the rocks from your past and fill it with love that will last.

Allow Jesus Christ to be your corner stone then never again will you be alone.

You must decrease and God must increase as to Him your old self release; then you can have and know this peace.

Your life is cluttered; don't think it odd; it's just that there is very little room for God.

So today as you pray stay in the box but exchange rocks of the past for God's building  blocks.

Written By Bob Wood 

Psalms 27:1. The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

So much has been discussed about our need to get out the box.   A house is not a home until love moves in yet many today claim we've been doing things in our box all wrong.  They want to rewrite marriage and how to raise our family.  We all should have the right to pursue happiness but some are so hung up on their rights that happiness never comes along.  If you have been or are deeply hurt from the past; don't get out of the box but allow the past to be passed.  Work things out with God in your family and marriage.  Throw the old dirty rocks out and allow God's building blocks to come in.

Bob Wood

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