"Strange You Should Say"

Strange you would say you love me, and you believe we were meant to be. Yesterday seems so close yet so far away, but it was only yesterday, you had not yet come along my way.

Strange you should say, our life is now complete, though we're looking forward to the morrow.

Strange we should forgive, when our lives have been so full of pain, yet it's strange we can't have compassion on another, until our heart has felt the sorrow.

Strange we should look forward to returning home each day, to surroundings so uncomplicated, but always find a smile brand new, so once again our security we regain.

Strange we work so hard for all that is so hitech, of long trips and places far away, when it's home and the pure bright moon, a soft summers evening, crickets and whippoorwills, and the touch of a hand, that says it's ok, then gives us rest from all the strain.

Strange we should always feel tomorrow will be a better day, when it's now we've been given to love and to play.

Strange you should say I've been a good parent. I tried so hard but this life so long became quite short, because by the time I learned how, I looked and you were gone.

Strange you should say I have not changed. I was looking in the mirror just today, and my reflection is full of gray. Strange that older I've become, has it been that long since I was young? Though the outside is scarred and sore, in many ways inside I'll be young forever more.

Strange you should say you care and you're my friend. Why does God give us friends that love us till we die? Strange but God knows how we feel when we're blue, or our heart is broken, and we need someone, when we cry.

Strange but today is here, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may or may not come. We may not have another chance to say I love you, to build that tree house, to bait that hook, or stare into a grandparents eyes.

Strange you should say tomorrow will be a better day. Today is here with love and beauty to be found, if you will but try.

Written by Bob Wood


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