"Tennessee River "

There is a place though now far away, is oft I go to Kneel and pray.

When I was younger not so long ago, or was it just yesterday; When work was hard and life seemed tough, this is where my mind would stray.

A place so wild and somewhat tame, with force so strong but often mild, upon each visit whether adult or child, it greets each guest quite the same.

At the break of day as the sun did arise, the world felt much smaller in heft and size.

Its surface is calm and smooth as glass, as it hides inside a modest strength, and was created from above, with Godly class.

It has earned respect but will demand and it will not back down from beast or man.

The fish are splashing and the swallow circles above, giving evidence with this place, they too are in love.

This is a place though now far away, is oft I go to Kneel and pray, when my heart is burdened and my mind achurn, that God has always allowed me to return.

Though no more my home, I'll not stray nor am never really that far away, and to this home I'll return someday.

There is a River now in my life so strong, where in it you'll find no wrong.

Christ is my river true and He will never leave no matter what I go through, so now you see, I have a brand new home, and one day going home I'll do.

So thank You Lord for teaching me, with this river free, made by You and shared with me, in this place we call Tennessee.

Written by Bob Wood


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