"This Rest So Free"

The moon streams softly through the room, and it sparkles on the dewy roof.

The crickets concert in night sounds by the garden wall,and say good night and peace to all.

The stream moves slowly and gently bubbles along, and I breathe in deeply this precious song.

The dew drips gently from the trees, and I close my eyes and begin to pray, as I find rest from another day.

The night air chills and in I snuggle, as I seek comfort from a world of struggle.

Fogive me Lord for that I didn't do, and help me always to give praise to you.

There are so many things I do all wrong, but is often the things I didn't do, that taunt my heart and make me blue.

Guide me Lord that I might be, the person You intend of me.

I thank you for this rest so free, and if tomorrow comes, help me in all I should do, and make me to be, a little more like You.

Written by Bob Wood


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All Rights Reserved by and ©Bob Wood