"This Road We Travel"

This road we travel seems to go round and round, and it seems our life a never ending sound.

This road is smooth, this road is rough, and often to travel one must be tough.

There are those in front and some are behind, and some search for a life they will never find.

Some are travelers weary and some are weak, but they speed on ahead for the end they seek.

We travel at the speed others around do drive, and all with the same hope soon to arrive.

We drive in light and in dark of night searching for our plight.

Should we go another mile or refuel instead, but to lose our place in life, is this what we dread?

Will our destination be the one we've sought for so long, or will we find the road we've chosen to be all wrong?

When we arrive will it be home, or again farther roam?

God created us with an eternal destination true, and for each of us there are only two.

There is hell and heaven too, and it is up to you, as to what you do.

This road we travel seems to go round and round, but life eternal in Jesus Christ only can be found.

Written by Bob Wood


John 10: 10.... The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

We race this life at break neck speed, many times to never brake to see the sights along the way.. God has given us a life to live to the fullest and we should not miss life for the world.. We should take time to view,taste and smell the gardens we have planted.. We should enjoy more time with the ones we love.. We should spend more time alone with God.. Do not allow the cares of this world to so preoccupy your life to the point of robbing you, to steal from you, the abundant life God intends for you to have.. To enjoy life, we must know life.. Do you know life? .

Written by Bob Wood .

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Copyright©2000 Bob Wood

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