"This Side Of The Rainbow"

We've all seen gifts of much delight that dazzeled the eye while reflecting the light.

Some have given excitement of joy to fill, as laid in our lap with rush of thrill.

Noah was sad, both he and his wife, after a season of rain fell on their life.

They talked to God then opened He their eyes, and with His love became they more wise.

Not only in their life stopped He the rain, but gave life a reason to live again.

Atop His gift placed He a bow, that in seasons ahead of His love we each would know.

When just a child and even now, when this bow is seen we marvel how.

The bow is precious but is not the gift, so listen close your mind can't drift.

This side of the rainbow a mother loves a child, and through it all whether mild mannered or wild.

And on this side of the rainbow though ashamed and unwed, a young mother hears worldly advise, but hears from God with life instead.

One sits in a wheel chair alone and can't walk, then comes a friend for hours to talk.

This side of the rainbow God gives us His life and eyes to see beauty, not mere this strife.

This side of the rainbow is the gift of today, so give and share before it fades away.

Written by Bob Wood

Genesis 9:13

I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.

God's sends us rainbows usually right after the storms of life, and often sends then while the rain still falls. This is not our gift, but God's reassurance. He is aware of each drop of rain in your life, but He sends sunshine too. Many times we enjoy the rain, especially now that we know the maker of the rain. Today pray and thank God for the sunshine and the rain. You will find joy and when you do, share quickly. You may just be the one God chooses to deliver a blessing, so be alert as your opportunity comes. May God Really Bless You!

Bob Wood


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